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The Educational Project

Activities for the child’s development

The school offers many physical and mental activities for preschool, kindergarten and primary school. These activities are provided either by the school staff or by external specialists so that your child's mind and body can develop in the best possible conditions.

Personalized care of the child

Paying attention to the child, the teachers provide lessons adapted to the level of English of each student and, when necessary, can provide closer monitoring as well as reinforced academic support.

Our activities

The school is open on Wednesday afternoons for recreational activities. Seven workshops are staggered throughout the year in primary school, for example :

A cultural organization (independent from the school) offers artistic activities on site, at school, between 12pm and 2pm, and after 5pm : 

And others !

Grâce à des associations ou des professeurs intervenants​, New School est en mesure de vous proposer encore plus d’activités pour vos enfants !