The Vision

The Vision

New School has established itself as a real place of living, where the relationship with the child remains essential; this is the very reason the school exists.

New School :
Another vision of education

The school implements an early and active learning of the English language from a young age, starting at 2 years old in kindergarten. Interactions in both languages continue throughout the child’s school education. We integrate new students at all levels of schooling.

We follow the curriculum of the National Education with an approach that is aligned with the school’s vision and educational concept. Children can then enter any school and study with these educational foundations.

What is bilingualism at New School?

Notre vision de l'enseignement

While respecting the educational curriculum, as set by the Ministry of National Education, the school strives to go further with its own vision of bilingualism. Children –  depending on their level – will evolve at their own pace within an English-speaking environment.  We provide with half a day of teaching in English per day, leading the child to become bilingual from an early age.

Lessons are given by English mother-tongue teachers. Indeed, bilingualism is also about learning about others and about their culture, as well as their traditions. Trips to the United States or the United Kingdom, as well as language exchanges, will further broaden their knowledge of English-speaking culture.

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