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Learn English while having fun in private kindergarten

Yes, at New School, as in all kindergartens,

  • we play,
  • we laugh,
  • we sing,
  • we listen,
  • we repeat,
  • we dream,
  • we dance,
  • we reflect,
  • we put our hands in the paint, we create…
  • We also enjoy watching cartoons and movies.

The added value of New School is that all these activities are in French and in English!

Indeed, the program is carried out in both languages and is based on the children’s learning abilities. It is scheduled for two half-days: one with the French teacher and the other with the English teacher.

On the agenda

Bilingual kindergarten activities

Swimming pool
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Every year, the school and the group leaders organize a competition for the most beautiful drawings. These are then displayed on the school blog.


Professionals supervise the extracurricular activities. Children can participate in games of skill and balance, that aim to solicit their physical and sporting aptitude, but also in musical games (rhythm and percussion, listening and introduction to guitar). Swimming lessons are also on offer for children aged 4 and over.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment by email : accueil@new-school.eu