Primary School

Studying in French and Speaking English in Elementary School

From 1st Grade, the time dedicated to French increases and the official school program becomes a priority. The time allocated to activities in English is reduced, but English continues to be an integral part of daily school life.

Children, now able to express themselves naturally in English, use it to discuss Geography, History, Science, Art, Sports and Technology. Learning to read and to write is done in French, in order to consolidate the basics.

New School’s elementary school reserves a special place for group activities, such as theater or holiday celebrations and the end-of-year show. In this way, by interacting within a group, the child evolves by developing their intellectual strengths and their own capacity for socialization.

The program

Primary school activities

Sports and artistic activities are also considered to be an integral part of the children’s education. In order to offer a maximum choice for such activities, the school recruits certified sports educators and external specialists to complete the teaching staff.

Artistic activities

Artistic activities on offer include pottery, painting, introduction to music theory, learning the piano (mini Amadeus Academy of Music) and theater lessons, led by native English teachers.


The sports offered within the school are: swimming, indoor gymnastics, judo, ice skating, wall climbing, introduction to tennis.

USA Trip

A stay in the United States, lasting 3 weeks, is organized for 4th and 5th Grade students during school holidays, in partnership with the French Teaching League, with a view to introducing an international perspective to your child's education.

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